OSU stabbing shocks campus

An attack on the campus of Ohio State University (OSU) resulted in 11 injured persons and one dead attacker on the morning of Monday, Nov. 28. According to CNN, OSU student Abdul Razak Ali Artan was named responsible for the attack.

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Marijuana: the blunt truth

There are over 300 slang terms for marijuana. States, animals and common-place names have all been sacrificed to the altar of colloquialism, the result being jargon such as Chicago green, the magic dragon and Mary Jane. Such names may become nationally known by the end of year due to…

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Master Plan

President Miller gave students a glimpse into the future of Virginia Wesleyan College by presenting the 10-year Master Plan on Nov. 30. Miller discussed such projects as the construction of…

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Overtime rule on hold, college payroll unaffected

A federal judge blocked the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule that would have gone into effect Dec. 1. President Obama championed the rule in his efforts to strengthen the middle class. VWC President Scott Miller, who had opposed the rule, said in his recent Nota Bene that…

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White retires, leaving his legacy behind

Captain Emanuel White’s office contains history not only of Virginia Wesleyan College but also of a man who has lived his life filled with color and vigor. He has a grandfatherly demeanor, authoritative yet kind. Sitting in his creaky chair, he…

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New Management in Residence Life

Of the five full-time staff working for VWC in the Office of Residence Life, three will be leaving their positions soon. Director of Residence Life McCarren Caputa, Associate Director of Residence Life…

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Light Rail Fails

In addition to voting for president, local Virginia Beach residents had the opportunity to vote for a new congressional representative and voice their opinion over the expansion of the Light Rail.

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Student club count declining

Recent trends show that the number of VWC clubs have declined. At VWC, a club is defined as a group of five or more members registered through the Office of Student Activities…

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